With the news of value added tax for properties being increased up to 18% in Turkey, there is an expected shift in buying trends across the region. This announcement has proven especially true for resale housing, complexes, buildings and relevant markets that have already experienced a noticeable boost in profits. The property prices in Turkey raises after VAT increase can offer pros and cons for different sectors.

Property VAT in Turkey was 1% Before 2013 

With houses smaller than 150 square feet a 1 % increase was added in taxation, but with the arrival of the new legislative procedures these taxes will be determined by the overall value of the dwelling. Upon the introduction of new market projects, the effect will be a considerable rise in prices of all types of properties. The consumer is likely to feel the pinch with the additional expenses in the purchase of the desired real estate.

Antalya House Prices RaisesThe rise in taxes will also impact general maintenance, improvements and regulation pertaining to the costs of properties. On the other hand this also increases the value of various homes and establishments meaning that the markets possess the potential to deliver a higher profit. For investors and developers this poses a number of advantageous opportunities including the gains possible with rental facilities.

For those who have already invested in the necessary properties during this time, the financial benefits are most likely going to be experienced. The boost in the value added tax is likely to improve the appeal of resale homes due to the overall rise in related projects and new developments. Although a relatively small amount of developmental land remains, there are numerous opportunities that have been presented for investors.

The property prices in Turkey raises after VAT increase as a result of the introduction of new housing legislature. For many developers this poses as a favorable opportunity. There has been a notable rise in the overall value of properties and new projects likely to maximize future sales potential within the markets.