Nihat Ergun, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology in Turkey, said that investors constantly remark on the capability of the country for foreign investors. According to the Minister, whenever Turkey have a delegate appointment from an overseas government or company, they all directly claim that Turkey has excellent capability and benefits from chances that came from its culture, history, geographical position and its dynamic and young population.

Citing the development of overseas-based industries shifting their offices to the country, Nihat Egun added that several businesses like to spend in the capability of Turkey and an important amount has started establishing company offices in Turkey. The Minister gave details on how, as a change is happening in the community, the significance of businessmen is becoming generally recognized and production is backing off from huge firms to smaller corporations. The Minister added that incidentally, the fast-paced, effective and small corporations are extremely needed these days. Nihat Egun mentioned that the young population of Turkey provides great benefits, but the country should be reminded of the truth and the Turkish young generation needs to get ready for the future, because if these benefits aren't carefully assessed, it might come at an excellent cost (to the economy of Turkey). He also said that though resources are scarce, provided that they are efficiently and correctly managed, they'll be enough for everybody.

Stating his idea in the resemblance of communities, all persons can be unique but every society displays the same characteristics. Provide that Turkey offers a political, economic and social environment the same with the United States, Turkey will have lots of wealthy people. Turkey needs to plan an essential foundation in order to produce the capability of the people of Turkey.

Mentioning that private enterprise isn't just an economic venture but has cultural and social aspects as well, every concern, from legal amendments to education, social approaches to communication, and democratization to political permanence need to talked about within the structure. The Minister mentioned that the recent success of the country has driven Turkey towards becoming among the nations that will set a trend in the years to come.

The exports of Turkey increased from $36 billion to $135 billion between 2002 and 2011, and Nihat Ergun believes that the entrepreneurial capability of Turkey is a factor to this increase. In the past nine years, implementation of the appropriate foreign and economic policies set the groundwork for this change. The raise in exports helped Turkish entrepreneurs to be more positive and view the world from a separate standpoint. This indicates how the capability of individuals can be employed once the essential resources are given. Nihat Egun also said that the change was supported by the elimination of obstructions that were holding back free enterprise. Entrepreneurship started in Turkey due to Turgut Ozal, the former Turkish President, who headed entrepreneurs.

The Minister concluded that with the rise of FDI (foreign direct investment), 42,000 new companies started in Turkey within 2011's first three quarters. Turkey is experiencing a change throughout which investments have been increasing and newly alumnae are instituting their private companies rather than seeking job opportunities.