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Top Property Sales in Turkey

The Land Registry Directorate General has recently declared their statistics of 2011. According to the statistics shows that a total of 123.000 foreigners own 113.687 different properties in Turkey.

Turkey to Abolish Reciprocity Principle for Foreign Property Buyers

According to the Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey (ISPAT) president IIker Ayci, the law issued regarding the abolishment of reciprocity principle foreign property was an advantageous movement for the investors and property buyers of Turkey as this law incremented their Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) incoming in Turkey.

Why Antalya real estate market is attracting buyers from all over the world?

If you are thinking to invest in real estate then it is better to invest in real estate Antalya because it has got so much potential for buyers and investors. So, if you want to make some secure investment then Antalya real estate is what you should be looking for.

Your investment in Turkish Real Estate

Turkey real estate is considered by many to be an excellent investment for the near future. This area is becoming very popular for those on vacation. Here are a few reasons to look into the opportunities here.

World Golf Amateur Team Championship 2012 is in Belek, Turkey

World Golf Amateur Team Championship 2012 is announced to be held in Belek, Turkey. This milestone achievement by the Turkish nation is clearly indicative of the commitment showed by the Turkish people for the promotion of golf in the country.