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Property Prices In Turkey Raises After VAT Increase

With the news of value added tax for properties being increased up to 18% in Turkey, there is an expected shift in buying trends across the region. This announcement has proven especially true for resale housing, complexes, buildings and relevant markets that have already experienced a noticeable boost in profits. The property prices in Turkey raises after VAT increase can offer pros and cons for different sectors.

Buying Property in Turkey is a Very Good Investment

Many foreigners who buy property in Turkey first visited the country as tourists, so the current increase in tourism can only mean more sales opportunities in the future.

Turkish Construction Sector Increases by 10.6%

As stated in Hurriyet Daily News’ report, the construction sector of Turkey increased by 10.6% between July and September of 2011, attaining a maximum volume of 15 billion liras.

Foreigners Continually Praise Turkey

Nihat Ergun, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology in Turkey, said that investors constantly remark on the capability of the country for foreign investors.

Will Turkey Develop Into A World Power?

After becoming among the leading authorities on three different continents, the Ottoman Empire turned out to be Europe’s sick man. Currently, the sick man is getting better.