One reason Turkey is an attractive option for the purchase of foreign investment property is its international accessibility. With ten airports, there are daily connections to both European and global locations. Several low-cost airlines offer excellent value to nearby destinations. With its major cities only a 4-hour flight from the UK or Russia, or a 3-hour flight from Germany, tour operators can provide great get-aways with direct flights to beach cities like Antalya and Bodrum.

Many foreigners who purchase property in Turkey first visited the country as tourists, so the current increase in tourism can only mean more sales opportunities in the future. Over 25 tourists visit Turkey each year, creating a large market for property owners to rent on a seasonal basis.

Turkey's geographical variety makes the county is a great destination for various kinds of visitors: There are beautiful beaches, mountains for skiing, hiking trails, and 5,000 years' worth of cultural artifacts, including architectural and archeological wonders.

Turkey's climate is especially attractive to foreigners living in cold, harsh weather zones. In the coastal cities, summers are mostly hot and dry, and winters are mild (around 9 Centigrade) in comparison to most of Europe. Summer's last longer in Turkey than they do in Europe, and have more hours of sunlight.

An important consideration for foreign investors anywhere is the political stability of the country. Turkey, a member of the UN and the second largest armed forces in Nato (after the United States) has been a stable democracy for some time. If current plans to join the EU come to pass, political stability would be even more secure.

Turkey has a large, growing, and young population, creating a group of future buyers independent of international investors.

Property Prices in Turkey - 2012

According to the latest - GYODER New Home Price Index, prices of property for sale in Turkey rose 9.54 per cent in 2011.This is in stark contrast to the annual decrease of 1.9 per cent for property in the UK.

In addition to Turkey's value as a tourist destination, a shortage of housing in Istanbul makes that city an excellent investment for those seeking to buy a property to lease out in that city.

With the popularity of Turkey's coastal towns as tourist destination and the rise of Istanbul as an international business centrer, Turkey's low cost of living and political stability make the country an excellent choice for overseas real estate investment.

Surely, these facts shows that; buying property in Turkey is a very good investment.